VW Transporter T4 Pool ball gear knobs (2of2)

Designed to fit all VW Transporter T4 models. (This is listing 2 of 2)


Screw off your old knob, screw on your new pool ball, it literally takes 2 mins!

If when tightened the number doesnt sit correctly, wrap some plumbers PTFE tape on the thread of the shaft before fitting


Made from real pool balls, solid polymer resin, so they don't get too cold in the winter!


These are sold as seconds, some very slight chips or scratches, which has been reflected in the price, grab a bargain!

Description: -

1 - small blemish and small chip

3 - 4mm scratch and small chip

6 - in good condition

8 - very tiny chip

9 - 3 small blemishes

11 - very tiny chip

13 - in good condition

15 - in good condition

16 - small blemish

17 - chipped

24 - in good condition

25 - in good condition


If you'd like a video of the ball sending prior to purchase, please ask, leave us your mobile number and well send you a whatsApp


    Number in the sign

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